Trends I Am Loving: Detailing

Detailing has been forecast-ed to be quite the rage in the coming seasons. It is a vintage trend that is coming back to take us by storm and mostly pussy-bow (yes i swear that's exactly what it is called) and net/crochet detailing are in the focus. Leather detailing to some extent is in too...

I am not really a fan of bows on my blouses especially "pussy" ones (there it is again!) but crochet/net detailing? I love... I love how they look feminine and classy... I especially love it on my blouses at the necklines playing peek-a-boo ;)

Here are a few images that show-off my love for crochetted necklines :)
Top from Banana Republic
Top from H&M
Top from Forever New
Taking these pics haven't really been easy for obvious reasons!

Do you like detailing as much as I do?


  1. same pinch for the h&m top :)

  2. that purple one is adorable suma!

  3. ohh ! i have never bought crohetted tops..i want to try it ..i loved the purple one on u SAM.

  4. i like such detailing on others bt nvr bothered to pick ny for myself....may be for the obvious reasons :P luving the H&M one on u :)

  5. LOL yes same pinch for the H&M top kannu :)

    thanks Jyoti, Novice Makeup and Anamika for liking my tops :D yay yay!


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