Trends I am Loving: How to wear colored denims like a celeb

Kim Kardashian, Zoe Saldana, Heidi Klum, Ashley Green all are wearing it and flaunting it... What? You ask... Ladies good morning and wake up to this ever pervasive trend of colored denims! With Black and Indigo denims now passe, say hello to candy colored  and even pretty neutral  denim bottoms... Some of my favorite celebs sporting this awesome trend are seen here:
So how does one flaunt these denims with flair you ask. Fear not my readers, I am here with a well researched post and some intuitive ideas on how to go about this whole trend... So lets just get started :)
Pairing Colored Denim with Neutral Tops
The easiest and perhaps the safest option is to pair your bright denims with a neutralising top like in white or black. Imagine a crips white blouse with Red or Electric Blue jeans. It spells classy and sophistication like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Minogue, Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum and Ashley Greene.
This trend has recently become very sought after and it gives out a cheery, vintage vibe. Pairing a red jeans with a purple top or an electric blue jeans with a red top or even yellow jeans with a grey top spells fun and cheer out loud. You saw me do this look with red jeans and grey top in my previous post here. Some celebs rocking this look are Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes and Rihanna of course.

Pairing them with different patterns
This by far is my favorite look and I personally rock this look or so I like to think ;) You be the judge... This trend would see you pairing your colored denims with stripes, animal prints, checks, floral prints or any other busy prints :) Here's my look with some stripes and well I think I pull it off pretty well ;)

So how do you pair your colored denims?


  1. very bright and lovely..!! i m going 2 buy 1 soon...whr is urs 4m? n 4 how much?

  2. thanks Kanika :) yup get one for yourself as well... Mine is an AllenSolly piece from Pune Central.. Its a gift from my Mother In Law :) its around 2900/- :)

  3. nice samyukta..and u have a lovely blog :)

  4. thank u aditi :) welcome to my blog :D

    and kanika, the jeans is for 1900 not 2900/- that was a typo :P

  5. red and blue white top looks nice together samyukta...
    I have a burgundy jeans which I pair up with black gray or white tops... paying safe still :D

    Want to buy some more colored denims but then you know na it's so difficult to find find the right color and then right fit for jeans....
    BTW just curious, what you think the colored denim style is gona stay or not?

    1. Burgundy jeans with white and grey sounds very classy :) honestly? I would have done the same ;) he he

      About the colored denim trends, I feel they are here to stay at least till Spring Summer 2013... I feel though that next summer, in addition to colored denims, printed denims will also trend...

      If you are looking for affordable and good fitted colored denims you can check out Westside.. they have a collection from Nuon of colored denims in some really flattering fits :) Hope this helps! ♥

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