Why DressUp?

First off, hello to all my readers who have come from isimplylovemakeup.blogspot.com to check out this blog... Hope you guys are doing well :D
Next, hiya to all my new readers who have been directed to isimplylovedressup.blogspot.com via other means... Welcome! And do check out my makeup blog @ isimplylovemakeup.blogspot.com :)
Why did I start this blog especially when I already write another blog? Well, as is obvious, isimplylovemakeup was named in such a way that it would consistently focus on makeup, cosmetics and product reviews. I want to maintain its sanctity (what?) and did not want to litter it with other stuff that did not pertain to makeup. you see its the "Virgo" in me talking! But why "dressup" you ask? Well that's because I realize that makeup is incomplete without dress-up and vice-versa... We are 21st century women and very well know the importance of power dressing which includes the whole package of dressing up, making up, accessorizing and well putting your hair up (or down according to preference)...
Caution: I really don't claim to know all about detailing and designing and well maybe neither do I know much about the latest, off the runway trends but neither is my blog about them... It is about what I like and deem wearable in cities across India. It is about my sense of mixing and matching different trends and it is about how I "feel" the style quotient and fashion sense that differ from city to city... Be it high maintenance Delhi, boho-chic Mumbai, laid back Pune or even hip and trendy Bangalore, I aim to cover them all...
Hope you are as encouraging to isimplylovedressup as you guys have been to isimplylovemakeup :)

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