Kashmiri Chinon Saree... Embroidery... Rich Indian Textiles...

I love sarees... I love how they feel draped over me... I love how different they all can be from each other and yet be one... INDIAN... I love how they can make you look sensual, graceful, traditional and even oh so modern! Just one piece of 5 yards and that's all it takes... And most of all I love how it makes the "pati" widen his eyes and show me a naughty glint...

A saree makes me feel powerful and yet so feminine, makes me feel sexy and yet so tradition bound, makes me feel INDIAN and yet so ready to face the world... Its a powerful garment and those who have mastered the art of draping a saree the right way have nothing to look back to :)

Today, I am featuring an Emerald Green Kashmiri Chinon saree with heavy handloom embroidery... You will notice most of my sarees are traditional and depict the various folk and cultural arts of the various Indian states...

Emerald Green Kashmiri Chinon Saree/Saree Emporium, Pathankot
Gold earrings with Meenakari/Gift from mom-in-law

Do you like wearing sarees?


  1. you look very pretty in saree, love the green shade <3

  2. You look so great in that jewel tone saree !! Luckily we stumbled on your blog and following you now :)

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

    P.s. your header is great !

    1. thank you so much :) Am indeed glad you came across my blog :D

  3. u tempt me with ur sarees.
    how do u manage to look so beautiful in whatever u wear??

    1. awww thank u so much for the kind words Madhura :)

  4. The saree is amazing.
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