Laces, Pearls et al

Nothing can be more feminine and alluring than the combination of Pearls and Lace... They together pull off anything from maidenly to royal, from classy to sassy, from virginal to seductive... Such is the power of these embellishments in one's outfit...

With today's outfit, I was going for feminine, classy and virginal (Ahem!)

Fabric for the kurta: Nehru Place, Delhi
Lace neck: Govindpuri, Delhi
Leggings: Nehru Place, Delhi (gifted)
Dupatta with Pearl trimmings: Colaba, Mumbai
Footwear: Catwalk

For the post on the makeup breakdown please click here 


  1. the suit is really pretty :) n u look great :)

    1. yay! Poorva thank you for liking the outfit as well as for being the first one to comment here ;) ♥♥♥

  2. Whoa! You look fantastic! :D
    PS: All the best Ms.Gorgeous! I am sure we are in for more hotness with the new blog ;)
    Me only ;)

  3. wow dats such a pretty suit samyukta :)
    n ur looking really good, loved it!!! :)

  4. very pretty kurta n i luv the pearls on the duppatta..

  5. hey love ur kurta.. when u come delhi next time don't forget to meet me!!! :)


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