Denims & Florals Don't Always Spell "Hippie"...

They say, when in doubt wear red... For me it's black and shorts... Not necessarily black shorts but Black and Shorts... Pati today asked me out on a coffee date and since I had just come back from another of my shopping sprees and was quite tired to actually put my mind into something "special", I threw on my most fav outfit... Yup, its laid back denim shorts and this is how I put together the whole outfit...

Grey Lace Detailing Top/Mango   Also featured here
Denim Shorts/Colaba Causeway
Black FLoral Ballerinas/Westside
Pearl Ear Studs/Pieces, Vero Moda
Black Sparkly Hairband/Accessorize


  1. Replies
    1. Ha ha auto correct I tell ya... Wanted to type giggle giggle :/

    2. I was like, "Why is she asking me to Google giggle :o" :P :*

  2. Replies
    1. awwwwieee thank you babe :D he he... am all smiles now! ;)

  3. luv ur outfit...especially the Black Floral Ballerinas... :D

  4. shorts..u lost so much weight girl !

  5. i <3 denim shorts! ur lukin so cute yet hawttt...Sam! :* <3


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