Do You Let *TRENDS* Rule You?

Trends And Fashion... I bow to thee...
With access to world wide trends in fashion, thanks to numerous fashion magazines available like Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Grazia and many more, keeping abreast with latest in fashion has never been easier and may be more confusing. With so much of information bombarded at the innocent bystander who is just browsing through these aforementioned mags at the newstands, it can get quite overwhelming... Resulting in either a total put off by fashion or absorbing so much information that there remains a really thin line between off and on the runways...

 I have heard laments like "I had just bought this top in a particular color and now its already out of vogue!" to "I am my own person and I do not follow any trends, so I am wearing Pink, which was so last season" to something like "Oh God! There are so many trends I can incorporate in my outfit that I need at least 50 hours in a day to change into different outfits". These exclamations you will notice belong to opposite ends of the spectrum and if you observe closely and maybe over analyse the way I do, will realise that everyone of the speakers here is Ruled By Trends!

From the obvious victim who cannot decide on which trend to follow on a particular day and is spoilt for choice to the non-conformist who actually takes the pain to do or rather don something that was "so last season", each one of us is ruled by the trends :)

I am not complaining! I love being ruled by it and even though I am not a fashionista and neither do I make a living out of it, I love being in fashion, love the feeling of it taking me over and love the way I succumb to the latest fads with an enthusiasm of a 5 year old... Do you?

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  1. OOOOh I so do .. I love being on the top of the game ... I just love being dressed up from head to toe with the on going trend ..but yes at the same time I take the liberty to dress how I want to and not only follow fashion trends or rules ..


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