Outfit: In the Spirit of Christmas...

We went out for a Christmas party last night and I knew I had to wear Red :) Keeping with the spirit of the merry occasion, Red seemed apt and super appropriate...

Outfit Breakup
Red Top/Zara
Black Corduroy Skirt/Mango
Black Peep-toe Pumps/Catwalk

So what was your Christmas outfit like?


  1. Sooper cute!!! <3 i luv u in skirts hehe. The shorter the better. :P ^_^ n ohh m straight... :P

    1. LOL thank god Jyo you clarified that last bit ;) hehehehehe... but seriously thank u babe :) ♥

  2. nice outfit and you looking great :D

  3. I so so so love the shoes! <3
    And the skirt!
    And the top!
    And the girl wearing them all! <3
    Merry Christmas :*

    1. giggle giggle giggle... thank ooooooooooooooo darling :) ♥♥♥
      And Merry Christmas To You Too :) :*

  4. hey sexy lady, I like your flow
    your body's banging,out of control!:D :D
    Suma di, this song is playing & replaying in my mind ever since I saw ur pics<3
    I soo love ur outfit and your ring in d 3rd pic!!
    Merry Christmas :) <3

    1. Shikhaaaaaaa Vermaaaaaaaaa giggle giggle giggle welcome to my blog and thank u thank u for liking my outfit :) ♥
      how are you doing?

    2. m fine :) and Suma di,I am already addicted to d new blog....love it as much as ISLM <3 <3
      and since m a complete jhalli as far as makeup is concerned ;) :D ...so I really enjoy reading all ur posts and learning new things everyday :)

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  6. Hi Suma... love ur outfit....
    and i cant help but notice the healthy sheen on ur legs... is it natural??? else wud love to know what it is.... :) :)

    1. hey A.. thank you for liking my outfit :) ♥
      hahha and the sheen on my legs is due to TBS Body Butter Duo in "Macadamia"... I have applied the "thicker" half of the butter that is meant for extra dry areas :P
      You could checkout the review here...

    2. ooh i absolutely lovee TBS products will try this one out...since I too have a dry skin it will definitely help....
      And 1 more thing i'd like to add is that u r doing a great job on both the blogs. Can u also do some reviews on Clinique products (just a suggestion)


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