Wordly Wise Wednesdays: Is Your Gym Wear Haute Couture Too?

Mine isn't... I prefer to be stingy about clothes that ultimately will be wet with sweat and soiled with the by-products of my toil at the gym, that will never see a dry-cleaner and will be washed everyday by my maid who isn't really known for her delicate handling of clothes ;)

So this is what I wear to gym...
1. An oversized Tee
2. Tiny shorts

My whole outfit here costs INR 349/- here (barring the shoes)...
Weird Print Tee/INR 199/Men's Section at Star Bazaar
Denim Shorts/INR 150/Colaba Causeway

And since the tee is really sooo cheap, you have got to ignore the mind-numbing quote on the t-shirt ;)

Is Your Gym Wear Haute Couture?


  1. people to really need to gear up when it comes to gym wear...tacky t shirts n even nyt suits is what i have seen men and women in.
    let's follow each other if u like to

  2. hahaha, I liked quote on T-shirt

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