Color Blocking In It's True Sense...

My previous post was for the color cautious, this post on the other hand if for those who like to walk the streets with no care for the world ;) 

When I say ColorBlocking In It's True Sense, I mean going all out with splashes of colors and blocking color with really bold and extremely fun combinations :D Keeping in the spirit of the soon to be here Summer (atleast for some cities like Pune & Bombay), I present to you ladies and gentlemen, color-blocking with really pretty feminine shades of Coral and Mint Green :)

The combination in it's true sense is quite yummy and the top alone reminds me of the Mint Milk Chocolate Chip  ice cream at Baskin Robbins :P  And the Coral pants remind me of Real Guava Juice... Both being my most favorite things in the world at the moment at least ;)

Outfit Breakup
Mint Green Top/Zara
Coral Colored Denims/Nuon, Westside


  1. Suma,,, u lukin soo cute. i luvd ur lst pic,,, its realy adorabl.
    n i ned 2 say nythn on ur outfits xcpt U ROCK IT owyz!!!

    1. OMG thanks a lot babe! wow! :D You've made my day for sure ♥

  2. oops.... read lst line s:
    i ned nt** 2 say nythn on ur
    outfits xcpt U ROCK IT

  3. Looking cute..Loved the last pic :)


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