Color Blocking WIth Neutrals...

The easiest way to wear color they say is by pairing it with a neutral shade... This makes color-blocking for color-weary people easy and achievable... Not only that color-blocking with a neutral also makes your outfit "appropriate" for a lot of situations...

My outfit today is an example of Color-Blocking with Neutrals and was something I wore for visiting the pati's office on a workday :)

Outfit Breakup
Brown Top/Mango
Coral Denims/Nuon, Westside
Brown Platform Heels/Aldo

Coming Up Next, A Full Blown Color-Blocking Outfit...


  1. im in love with ur coral pants ! will def check out in westside :)

    1. oooh do check it out! and the best part is that they are a steal at just 999/- ;)

  2. I lovee dese pants.. Y cudnt i find dese in westside :(


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