Contest Alert: Flash Your Favorite Accessory!

Contest Alert!!!

Hola Chicas!
Now that we have a brand new custom domain for ourselves (we are now if you haven't yet noticed!) I would like to celebrate the exhilaration I am feeling with a fashion contest :D

As usual it will NOT be a luck or a vote based contest. Rather it'll be judged on your style quotient, presentation and quirk! Yes you read it right! I mention QUIRK ;)

  1. Everyone of us have a favorite accessory that we cannot live without, wear very often and treasure it like it was the Kohinoor right? Well all you gotta do is show your favorite accessory off :)
  2. You will be judged on how you style it, how you present it in your pictures and what makes the accessory quirky. When I say quirky it could be a quirky accessory like a moustache necklace or it could be a dotted scarf that you wear with a formal outfit and still Rock It! ;) The accessory need not be quirky, how you style it could scream QUIRK as well ;)

  1. Minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 pictures should be sent in your entry.
  2. Out of the 3 mandatory pictures, 1 has to be full length picture of you flaunting your fav accessory, 1 have to be a closeup of the accessory and 1 has to be a closeup of you holding or wearing the accessory.
  3. The accessory could be a piece of jewelry, a handbag, a purse, a pair of shoes, a scarf, a hair accessory... Basically anything that adds to your outfit.
  4. Of course multiple entries are allowed ;) This is my favorite part :D
  5. Send your entries to with the Subject as "Flash Your Favorite Accessory Contest Entry".

  1. Needless to say follow isimplylovetodressup through GFC.
  2. Like our FB page. The link is here.
  3. Share about this contest on your facebook page.
  4. Follow me on twitter. My twitter handle is @ismplylvemakeup.
  5. Tweet about the contest tagging me.
  6. Follow me on instagram. My handle is @isimplylovemakeup *For iPhone and Android Users*
There is going to be only ONE winner.
The prizes are:
1. Metal Collar Necklace.
2. Double stranded Pearl Hair band by Pieces, Vero Moda.

Metal Collar Necklace

Double stranded Pearl Hair band by Pieces, Vero Moda.

The contest ends on 17th March and hence ladies you have ample time to plan out your looks :)
All The Best!

  1. All pictures that you submit, will then belong to me :P Nope I wont misuse them I promise :D
  2. I shall be putting up your pictures on this blog titled as Contest Entry #.


  1. Great contest Suma..will participate soon..

  2. Once again gr8 contest suma :-) d best part abt ur contests is dat d winer nt pikd randomly nd neither r dey lyk based.. Although u make it difclt fr urself by doing so bt stil u dnt take d help of ;-) datz awsum. I lovd dat pearl band <3

    1. awww thanks Darling :) I am glad you appreciate the fact that I don't have luck based or vote based contests ;) I find them utterly unfair :(

  3. even I'm so much into collar neck peices these days... and now I saw urs- ab meko gold bhi chahiye...
    this seems to be such a fun contest. will send an entry - just for fun :D

    1. yayyeee pakka se do that! and if you win, i might even ship your prize all the way to Miami ;) ♥

  4. The pearl hair band is so pretty ....I want to participate...Let me see if there is anything QUIRKY in my closet :D

  5. Yay!!! Thanxx god u tweeted abt it! I wud have missed dis.
    Putting this on my to-do list right away!!

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