Discovering Your Signature Style With Accessories...

They have the power to make or break your outfit!

I have never been an accessories person until recently... The only accessory that I sported with my outfits was my makeup with my signature Red lips or smokey eyes and well sometimes even both ;) But with accessorizing being the in-the-face trend since a few seasons now, I couldn't help but get swayed with this wind of change and am now embracing these little but very important part of one's look :)

Why Accessorize?
Your accessories can make or break your outfit. The right accessory can take your look from dull to drab, from casual to classy and from trying too hard to effortless chic. Add a white pearl necklace to your outfit and your dull formal black pants and blue shirt become a formal dinner outfit... Add a zany statement necklace and your casual white top with skinny jeans makes your look effortlessly chic.

But most importantly accessori es define your personal style, it emphasizes your taste and helps you create a signature look...
Take Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, her signature feminine style was marked by her silk, floral scarves and headbands. Nicole Ritchie is associated with her oversized sunnies, Victorial Beckham cannot let go off her towering 6"heels and well Hina Rabbani Khar is always associated with her strings of South-Sea Pearls and a Birkin (at least in India)... You get the drift :)

What is my signature style accessory? I dunno ;) Am still experimenting...
What's yours?

Btw have you checked out the "Flash Your Fav Accessories" Contest?


  1. loved reading this! and ill def participate in ur contest, soon! :)

    1. oooh so looking forward to your entry Poorva :) :*

  2. It amazing how accessories can change your look-You look so different in all the pictures :)

  3. I love accessories ! Bracelets and arm candy are a weakness :D Followed by statement and collar necklaces..


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