DIY FRIDAY: Easy But Pretty Beads & Ribbon Necklace

Statement Necklaces In All Their Glory...

I am not really an accessories person... But with such a lot of hullabaloo about accessorizing and statement necklaces am taking baby steps towards this magical world... I have started with smaller and understated things like embellished clips and headbands... This time anyway I dared to try out some necklaces and since I couldn't find something understated and "safe", I made this...

Products You'll Need

1. Get these stone beaded elastic bands that you get at all roadside accessory vendors. Bargain real hard and you'll get it really cheap!
2. Cut the elastic that holds them together and free the beads.
3. Take a faux tissue ribbon, golden looks exceptionally beautiful and string as many beads as you want into it...
4. Tie a pretty bow at the back and your necklace is ready :D


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