DIY FRIDAY: Pearl Embellishments for Deep Necklines

I sometimes end up buying clothes that look really pretty or really smart or sometimes even on a whim. Once I get them home I realise how either non-wearable the width is or how impractical the neckline is. One such purchase was a top from Mango... It had a really deep "slit" at the neck that went down all the way along my cleavage and since it was a size bigger as well (I was fat when I bought it), the neckline dipped further still.

 I was putting off wearing it cause of it's impracticality but then inspiration struck and this is what I did with it :) I put pearl beads to "close" the neckline for a more demure look ;)

I took a pearl bead and with the help of a safety pin attached the in the middle of the neck slit from behind. What you need to do is turn the top inside out, pierce the hemmed part of one side of the neck with a safety pin, push the pearl onto the pin and then pierce the hemmed part of the other side of the neck and finally close the safety pin! Voila!

I needed it to be temporary and hence used a safety pin. If you want it permanent, you could sew it with a needle and thread :)

Of course you can add "n" number of pearls and even experiment with funkier beads as well :)

Hope you find this tutorial helpful :)


  1. Now that is so smart :D Pearls and Deep Necks, here I come 8)

    1. LOL thank u thank u :D good luck with your project ;)

  2. making it temporary with the safety pin is such an awesome idea :) loved it :)

  3. This is such a helpful tute! It is looking lovely :)

  4. Awesome idea!! Will definitely give it a try ^_^

    Hey I am your new follower here :) Would love it if you stop by at my blog and join me on GFC :)

  5. love it... will try out this for sure :)


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