FAUX PAS Thursdays: How Not To Wear Prints...

Agreed that prints are in and quirkier the better...
But this is one example of "How Not To Wear Prints"...

And yes it's a GUY standing in queue before me at a Multiplex's snack counter... And no it wasn't a night show... It was actually a 10:00 am show and hence it's not a pair of Pajamas! And yes it's a SUPERMAN print! Go figure!

P.S. My aim is not to hurt sentiments. Just a way to pictorially explain the various "How Not To" trends...
In the unlikely event of this picture belonging to you and if you want me to take the picture down, do write to me and I shall surely oblige :)


  1. thanks for share.

  2. LOL. Can't believe people actually step out in PJ's.


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