Oxford Shoes... Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

I am a ballerina flats and peep toe stiletto girl through and through... You will never see me in anything else... Nope wedges have never been for me and neither have loafers... Kitten heels I don't mind if I didn't have a choice and boots are something I really abhor (Yes I can hear a lot of sighs and tsks)... But there's this another shoe that has held my fascination and I guess it's time for them to come out of the closet *pun essentially intended*...

Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for *drum rolls* THE OXFORDS. Yup! They are not just for guys any more and if celeb street fashion is anything to be believed then ladies the Oxfords trend is here to stay! The comfort it provides, full coverage to the feet and now available in various embellished and decorative avatars, makes these little wonders, precious gems in our shoe treasury :)

They look best with either skinny jeans or cropped pants and with mini skirts, both flared as well as fitted... Personally I prefer wearing my oxfords with casual outfits but you are welcome to experiment with your formals as well :) One thing to remember though is wearing a pair of socks with your exfords is a complete No-No... Exposing your ankle cleavage is the whole purpose of this shoe ;)

Celebrities who are partial towards these are Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes...

I have here worn my oxfords with black skinny jeans and a loose, oversized plaid shirt... A top knot with bangs are completing my look...

Whats your take on Oxfords?

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