There's Something About Mango & Corduroy Skirts...

Satiating my thirst for Corduroy skirts...

I am a true blue Mango addict and I make no secret of it...Also, if you have been following my outfit posts on ISLD as well as on ISLM, you'll know there is a black corduroy Mango skirt that I have, that I wear almost every alternate day and hence abuse it like no other... Raise hands if you know which skirt I am talking about ;) *shocked at seeing so many raised hands :/* LOL...

So anyways, the skirt in question is about 5 years old... Yup it is... Another decade and it will easily pass off as Vintage ;) Yup that's my plan! LOL :D So anyways, this time during the sale, I picked up another skirt from Mango... Ahem! A corduroy skirt... Ahem! A really Dark Blue corduroy Mango skirt... And yes it looks very very similar to my black corduroy skirt :P What a waste you say? No no, I ain't all that dumb ;) The fit you see is different (at least that's what I have been telling myself)... Ha ha ha...

P.S. We have shifted to a new house... This one doesn't have a garden :( So my mom's made one using her pots and plants... And I have tried my best to take advantage of it :P

Outfit Breakup 
1. Blue Corduroy Skirt/Mango
2. Nautical Striped Tee/Zara
3. Grey Patent Leather Ballerinas/Zara
4. Aviators/RayBan

Isn't my mom super cute in her curls and coral pants ;) Do not miss the pearl hairpin she is sporting that I featured in my DIY Friday post :)
Pataoing my dad to take me shopping but he vehemently refused :P

Comments on the skirt?


  1. aww ur pics r really cute and i liked the skirt... its quite similar :P but its different too, its nice:)

    1. oooh am so so glad you liked the skirt Poorva... and you've nailed it when you say that they are similar and yet quite different ;) ♥

  2. One stylish family ;) I loveeed everyone and everything :)

  3. Suma it is definitely different fit ;)... lovely skirt ... nd beautiful family.. i really love how aunty carry herself.. sylish and elegant... i wish i cld carry myself like tht when my daughter reach ur age :)

  4. love the skirt :) Aunty is looking cool. Miss my mom-dad :( (they live too far)

  5. There's something about you, darling, OOh but auntie looks absolutely stunning! We know where you got your style from!! No garden sucks, no?

  6. that's your mom? I thought she's a friend. wow, she's so youthful and pretty :)

  7. wow you have so soft skin, please give some tips about it!!



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