OUTFIT POST: A Touch Of Color & How!

A Come-Hither Look And Not Without Some Color!

I am more of a neutral shade person and my wardrobe is predominantly Blacks, Navy Blues and Greys!  It's just the way I am wired! But I love going colored with my makeup! But what happens when I decide to sport a dark smokey eyes? Yup I add some color through my shoes to avoid looking like Morticia Adams ;)

So this Saturday when one of my best friends' decided to throw a birthday bash, I hurried to look for an outfit that is like my version of an LBD. It wasn't really a tough task considering the fact that I own about millions of Blacks :/ LOL... So I came up with this outfit...

Outfit BreakUp
1. Black top/OVS
2. Navy Blue Corduroy Skirt/Mango
3. Purple Suede Pumps/Carlton London
4. Black Metal and Crystal Necklace/Colaba Causeway

Makeup BreakDown
1. MAC Contrast in Crease
2. MAC Ricepaper as highlighter
3. MAC Cork all over the lid
4. MAC Mehr Lipstick

So what do you think of the look?


  1. And I see Mehr on you!! I always thought it was a pinker version of Cosmo and assumed you wouldn't like it considering you don't like cosmo. No? But it looks great on you! Oops not the makeup blog but still! :P

    1. LOL yup you see it now! ;) It sure is a pinker version of Cosmo and am not sure why I picked it up seeing that it doesn't look all that great on me :( I guess it was hype ;) ha ha :)
      but thanks for being so sweet Ikya :P <3

    2. Noo I really think this looks good on you! Especially with the rest of the makeup and the outfit you teamed it up with!

  2. u luk hot n I like Mehr on u..it luks much better than Cosmo

  3. Hi,

    Looking really awesome in this dress. Your beautiful Glowing skin is perfectly
    complementing the look. In between please do a post on your Skin Care.


    1. Hey Rama... welcome to my blog girl! :) thank you so much for the lovely compliments ♥
      To know of my skin care products and regimen, you must visit my beauty blog at http://www.isimplylovemakeup.com :)

  4. Hey my closet has a lot of stuff in navy blue! Yes you look hot in that attire esp your corduroy skirt looks lovely. I wana buy it online now. Lovely blog Samyukta :)

  5. The look is hottt! i am sure you got your share of whistles wen you walked into the party.. but why is your skin looking so yellow? Is it the lighting or is it Mehr? btw, am on the fence how it looks on you... in some shots, its great.. in another, not so... :(

  6. Just loved your blog.You have captured everything so well.
    Amazing shot!!!...STYLISH GLAMOROUS & TRENDY..I think these 3 words capture the whole arena..


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