TREND ALERT: The NINJA Bun Is Making Waves...

I Should Have Patented It!

The Ninja Bun is what I like to call it... I won't lie to you, the term was coined by the pati for the "peculiar" bun (actually a top knot) that I make, accompanied by straight bangs and winged eye liner that makes me look like a Samurai or a Ninja warrior ;)

Initially, I thought only I wore it but it now seems to be making waves with Sonam Kapoor and Sameera Reddy, sporting it for Red Carpet Events! I knew I should have patented it ;)

So what's your take on Ninja Buns?


  1. looking gorge sam..... :) sameera wow!

    1. thanks babe :) do you think this trend'll catch on?

  2. Replies
    1. haina? they are so practical and look so flattering na :D

  3. Very common in Europe, USA...

  4. Everytime I will see this bun now I will think of you! Pati has coined the term aptly!


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