Worldly-Wise Wednesdays: Who Wore It Better?

Who Does It Better?

Starting with a spanking new section on my dress-up blog, I bring to you ladies and Gentlemen Worldly-Wise Wednesdays. This section is not by me but by you and for you.

Worldly-wise Wednesdays will basically be a section where I start a poll and you've only got to vote! I would have already taken a survey earlier from random people and will be sharing their views through pie-charts so as to give you an insight of what people, guys especially have to say...

Sounds like fun? So let's get started!
P.S. They are wearing Tom Ford

Who Wore It Better? 


  1. love kareena.. as for kim, its okay to dress up and flaunt the curves but when it becomes a regular happening it gets a lil bored..

    1. very rightly put Rajalakshmi... Kim's curves have gotten too jaded now :/
      btw did you vote?

  2. I hate the dress, like how structured it is from the shoulders, but that thing on the waist sucks :(.. Kareena def for me ..

  3. I love this dress. It looks stunning on Kareena. She ain't much of a dresser but this sheath really says a lot.
    On the other hand the dress is horrendous on Kim. Sick of seeing her in figure hugging clothes, we get it she has curves and all but...just doesn't work. The ankle strap shoes add to the horror.


  4. the outfit is hideous.both remind me of "adams family".anyways i'll stick to kareena coz kim looks like she has to lose some weight !!

  5. Hey. I didn't know you had a seperate fashion blog too. Just checked it out n Love it! :D
    But you should use contrasting colours for the pie chart. I dunno which one represents who cos the colours are so similar.


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