Outfit: Clashing Colors and Houndstooth Print

Outfit Post: Of Quirk And Color

The fashion scene today has become more forgiving that it was a few decades ago. With the slow yet significant trickling of personal style and expression in a person's outlook towards fashion, the fashion world has become more tolerant of faux pas' and bloopers. So much so that many a fashion gaffes are seen as fashion statements and given a status of personal rendition...

Quirky seems to be an accepted style and idiosyncrasy a norm...

What else explains the Lady Gaga phenomenon and closer home Kiran Rao's (grunge?) outfits...

My style has always been "safe" and I try to walk the Effortlessly Chic path. But going on with the unorthodox view of fashion today, I tried clashing some colors and prints...
What do you think? Could I make it work?

Houndstooth Print Dress | United Colours of Benetton
Purple Peep-toes | Carlton London
Orange Statement Necklace | SheBang (On Sale HERE)


  1. i think u look fab :) the combination looks great :)

  2. Replies
    1. ooohhh giggle giggle thank you sweetheart :) :*

  3. Loved it.... I saw the denim jacket and hopped here. I ODed on polka dots this bday :)) the dress is just so fab.

    1. OMG i love Polka dots too :D he he he it must look super cute on you ;) share pictures na...

  4. I like I like..the posing and the dress n u :)

  5. Like the way you have clubbed jacket :) You look great ^_^


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