My Current Favorite: Earrings in Pale Gold

Pale Gold Earrings | Vero Moda

Have you Sale-d yet? With all major brands going on a sale rampage, it's hard not to get swamped and tempted... I am no different. Though I have been trying my best to curb my shopping desires (I am saving for a Masaba you see), I did get a little carried away and "saled" to my heart's content at the Vero Moda sale...

Needless to say, as fickle the mind is, my loyalty from my favorite earrings shifted to these pale gold beauties from Pieces.

At first look they look like a human spinal cord (Whoaaa!) but the unusual structure and the matte plae gold color won me over and I brought it home with me :)

So... Let me ask again... Have you saled yet? ;)


  1. absolutely love the outlook of this blog..gorgeous! you look stunning and those earrings are so pretty! I already hauled my part when I came back from loads of office wear stuff :)

    1. oooohhhhh shopping!!! What all did you get? I mean what all in office wear??? Formals?
      and thank you Pariiiiii for liking the blog, the earrings and my look ♥ :*

  2. ahhh its about ear rings :) and sales...favourite things :)

    1. ha ha ha yeah I do agree that the picture was a little misleading ;) :P How have you been? I must tell you that I am loving your latest posts... Gosh you are so talented and so gorgeous Abhi :) ♥

  3. Hey good clicks and the earrings are very nice.

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