My Favorite Shoes of the Moment

Fabulous Shoes Are A Girl's Best Friend!

Shoes they say are a girl's best friend... Yeah ok! They said that about diamonds... But given a thought, a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos or Loubs (a girl can dream) can carry you off to paradise like no other... And though yes I am a Solitaire girl through and through, when I think in terms of practical procurement, gorgeous shoes win hands down!

Now the fickle minded person that I am, my favorites and extra specials keep changing every time I buy me some new shoes... And this week it is these gorgeous pair of peep-toe pumps, in Violet Suede from Carlton London... Nope they aren't new, they are pretty old actually... But the suede material that it is made out of is something that invariably deters me from wearing it very often... Needless to say it seems the world outside the house only once in a blue moon...

But they are still my favorites... Is it the color? Is it the fit? Is it the height of the heel? Or is it simply the fact that it makes me feel all sexy? I don't know! They are just so special :)

Which is your favorite shoe of the moment?

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