Outfit Post: Traditional Temple Border Phaneks (Sarongs) from Manipur

Outfit Post in Traditional Indian Handloom 

Indian handlooms are my weakness... There is something about indigenous arts and crafts originating from the various corners of our country... So when I recently was vacationing in Manipur, my native state, I couldn't help but get some pictures clicked of me in traditional Meitei Phanek...

The Meitei Phanek is essentially a sarong or a wrap-around skirt that is woven by hand on a loom and can be of two types...
One type consist of brightly colored sarong like skirt with a contrasting shade of a temple border. These are simply called Temple Border Phaneks. The other kind is a little more intricate and hence expensive with horizontal stripes and a complicated embroidered border. These are called Mapaan Naiba Phanek.

My today's outfit post is in a Temple Border Meitei Phanek.

The Meitei Phaneks have a uniqueness to them that you will not find in any other sarong like outfits from other states of the NorthEast of India. The phaneks aren't merely a piece of cloth that is merely wrapped around your lower half of the body and tucked at your waist but is actually stitched in a certain way...
Since it made in a hand held loom, the width of the cloth that is woven isn't more than 20 inches. Hence a pair of 20 inches wide cloth is woven and they are then stitched length-wise to create a 40 inches wide skirt that would cover your complete lower half of your body.
Also, the ends of the lower half of the phanek is stitched breadth-wise and only the upper half is left unstitched. This ensures that your leg is not visible while walking or running and maintains the modesty of the woman wearing it :)

The outfit...

Mauve & Blue Phanek - Ima Keithel, Imphal
Laser Cut Sheer White Top - Vero Moda
White Bag - Vero Moda/Pieces
Nude Open Sandals - Catwalk

Hope you liked the outfit :) Do let me know through the comments...


  1. u look so so cute in the 2nd & 3rd pic.. love the entire outfit!

    temple borders are customary in tamil sarees & suits too.. they look very ethnic & i totally love them too :)

    1. OMG really Revathy!!! wow had no idea they were so important in the Tamil culture as well... Even a lot of Ikkat sarees are made with the temple border pattern na...
      and thank you for liking my look sweetheart ♥

  2. That's a lovely lovely outfit and yoo look cute :) handlooms are my fav :)

    1. awwwweeee thanks for liking it Gowthami :D :* and handlooms do look so elegant don't they :)

  3. You look so cute honey, love your smile <3

  4. love love...super cute..its made for u :)
    can imagine you going to office in it hehe :)

  5. hey suma,i have actually worn these as a kid...i was born and raised in shillong,so we wore these and now,we make salwar kameezes of the phanek and wear them to keep us warm.The salwar kameez with a chinese collar look elegant too.got them in soooo many colours:)


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